Stockholm - Balance, Bodyweight & Mobility Workshop

Stockholm - Balance, Bodyweight & Mobility Workshop

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Join Tom and Ulrik for a weekend workshop in handbalancing and bodyweight skills training. This workshop will cover the most effective exercises, techniques and programming methods to achieve these skills. This workshop is suitable for all levels but prior bodyweight training and a minimum wall assisted handstand hold is necessary to make the most of this workshop. If you’re unsure whether you are suited for this workshop contact us via email.

Workshop Details:

DATE: Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th June

TIME: 12-6pm with 1 hour lunch break

VENUE: Fit4Life Crossfit in Stockholm


Workshop Content:

Through this workshop, Tom and Ulrik will be covering the essentials of handbalancing and bodyweight skills. Concepts and topics covered will be:

  • Fundamentals of handstand theory and practice

  • Handstand specific flexibility

  • Bodyline and control

  • Press to handstand

  • One arm handstand preparation

  • Fundamentals of bodyweight conditioning

  • Preparation and prerequiste training

  • Straight arm skills of planche and front lever

  • Bent arm skills of ring muscle up and handstand push up

  • Programming theory and design

About The Hosts:



"I have been training for the past 6 years through various systems including traditional bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, powerlifting but have dedicated myself for the past 4.5 years to bodyweight training and later handbalancing. Whilst I am a self-experimenter at heart and mostly self-taught, I am formally educated under the CHEK Institute and have also studied with Poliquin group. Through this, I have taken and applied this knowledge uniquely to bodyweight training in a way to effectively build strength and skills and have been a coach specifically for this over the past 2 years helping people to progress their bodyweight strength. I also run a YouTube channel with over 100k subscribers sharing my experience with bodyweight and flexibility training helping people all over the world on their journey."



"I have been practising handbalancing for about 5 years. I first tried to train on my own without much success. Then I met Mikael Kristiansen and began his coaching for the following 3 years. Before handbalancing, I was searching for “my thing”. The thing I wanted to become good at. And with this, everything just clicked. It’s challenging enough, takes so much time both on a daily basis and a longer perspective and it keeps evolving, so for me, it’s never boring. Before handbalancing, I practised both regular strength and fitness training as well as marathon racing. I have now also been a personal trainer for 4.5 years, and online handbalancing coach for 1.5 years. As someone who’s not been to circus school and has no full roots in that world, it gives perspective on what it takes to achieve a high level of skill. I would really like to spread the joy I have found in handbalancing with other people."